Official Kenwood parts

Kenwood makes a variety of audio and video equipment, including car radios, home theater systems, VCRs and DVD players that offer a rich and vibrant entertainment experience whether you're at home or on the go. However, these are complex and complicated machines that rely on an intricate mixture of mechanical and electrical components that can wear out or break. These malfunctions can be caused by a bevy of issues that range from normal everyday use to lightning strikes and everything in between.

Some common problems audio and video equipment can experience

Here are several of the more common problems some of these pieces of equipment suffer from.

  • A common problem that your Kenwood car stereo can suffer from has to do simply with it not working. This includes the unit not powering on at all, powering on then turning off or staying powered intermittently. The typical cause of this problem is loose wiring either from the radio to the harness or the harness to the power supply. If the wiring is fine, then the problem could be a blown fuse.
  • If your DVD player won't work, then it could have to do with the lens that focuses the laser. If the lens becomes dirty or chipped, then it can't focus the laser properly and your DVD can't be read. There are DVD player cleaners that can clean dirty lenses, but if the lens is chipped or cracked, then you will have to remove the casing and replace it.
  • A home theater system contains many pieces that can break down or require repair. One important piece that might get overlooked is the remote. Beyond the battery needing to be changed, the buttons in the remote can become worn and stop making proper electrical contact with the circuit board underneath.
  • A key part of any home theater system is the speakers that produce the sound. Speakers can be blown out by something as rare as a power surge or simply from overuse at excessive volumes. Blown-out speakers will usually be torn around the outer edge and will sound garbled.
  • The receiver for your Kenwood home theater is the main component for sending audio and video signals to the speakers. Common issues with receivers deal with blown-out transistors on the circuit board or the power core burning out.

How to diagnose receiver problems

The first place to check is the wires in the back. Check for fraying or signs of other damage, and make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Second, examine the receiver for obvious signs of physical damage or water damage. Third, open the casing and test the circuitry with a multimeter.