Official Lawn-Boy parts

Lawn-Boy has been manufacturing push lawn mowers since 1936. Over the years, the company has diversified and produced other products, including riding lawn mowers and snow removal equipment. With the heavy workload and conditions that these pieces of equipment are designed to operate in, it is necessary to practice regular maintenance to keep them in operable condition.

Troubleshooting service issues for your Lawn-Boy equipment

  • Whether you have a push mower or riding lawn mower, you may notice that it cuts the grass unevenly from time to time. Should you encounter this issue, inspect the blade of the mower to ensure that it isn't dull, damaged, or bent. If you do notice damage on the mower blade, it is best to replace the blade for proper operation and safety.
  • If your lawn mower won't move or if the grass is cutting unevenly, this may indicate that you need to replace the wheels on the mower. Check the axle shafts for wear or damage, and replace these parts as needed to prevent any premature wear to the wheels.
  • Check and change the filters regularly for your riding lawn mower. The oil filter in riding lawn mowers should be changed after each season. Air filters and fuel filters should be changed at the end of each season prior to the machine being stored. This will keep the motor operating and prevent sludge or debris from causing strain on the machine.
  • If there is a noticeable squealing sound coming from your snow blower or if the auger is not turning, this may indicate that the auger belt is worn or damaged and needs to be replaced. Inspect the shear pins to ensure they are not broken or missing as this will affect the auger's performance as well.
  • When using your snow blower, make sure that you look for clogs in the chute. Snow or ice can block the chute and prevent the machine from throwing the snow as intended. These clogs can also place unnecessary stress on the machine's motor, causing premature repair needs.

Five parts that keep your Lawn-Boy equipment in tip-top shape

  • Chute—This part is responsible for sending the cut grass to the bagger. Made from durable plastic on most Lawn-Boy model push mowers, the chute can become cracked or sustain other types of damage over time.
  • Handle—The handle allows you to control the direction of your mower. This part houses many of the controls and cables on most Lawn-Boy push mowers. With the heavy use that these pieces of equipment endure, it may be necessary to replace damaged or worn handles during the lifetime of the machine.
  • Drive belts—This part connects the crankshaft pulley of a riding lawn mower with the transmission pulley. Thanks to the drive belt, the transmission can rotate the wheels required to propel the lawn mower.
  • Throttle spring--The throttle spring helps control the engine speed by returning the throttle lever to the idle position when you release the accelerator pedal or lever.
  • Self-propel control handle—This part is located at the top of the machine handle and allows the operator to engage the self-propel feature of the machine.
  • Carburetor—The carburetor mixes the right amount of fuel and air that enters the cylinder for combustion.
  • Auger—The auger is the blade of a snow blower that rotates snow through to the impeller and the snow blower chute. These blades can become damaged when hitting larger objects or larger chunks of ice.

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