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Troubleshooting Trane furnaces and heat pumps

Trane specializes in appliances that regulate temperature, including furnaces, heat pumps and air handlers. If your appliance isn't working, you may be in for a hot or cold surprise. Here are some basic issues you may encounter:

  • Your Trane gas furnace won't turn on—If this is the case, the transformer may have blown out. Rather than replacing the entire unit, you can replace the transformer to get the appliance up and running again.
  • Your Trane heat pump isn't removing warm air from the home—In this case, you may need to replace the compressor system as this system is responsible for ensuring that the heat pump is properly able to transfer heat in and out of the home.
  • Parts of your heating/cooling unit are getting covered in frost—The reversing valve is responsible for preventing this, so if you notice ice or frost that's preventing the flow of air, check the reversing valve.

Air handler troubleshooting tips

Your air conditioning unit is essential to keeping your home nice and cool during the warmer months. The air handler plays an important role in your AC unit, but sometimes it can experience issues, causing you to have to repair or replace a part.

  • Inspect the filter—If a reusable filter isn’t too dirty, it can be gently cleaned by hand. Otherwise, it will need to be replaced with a new filter.
  • Clean the evaporator coils if they're dirty—Evaporator coils need to be kept clean so that they don't freeze, which can reduce the air handler's efficiency or damage the compressor.
  • Look inside the return air duct and air supply duct—Remove any possible obstructions from the duct. It's possible that dust and debris may build up over time and restrict air flow through the unit.
  • Make sure that the blower is moving air through the system—If the fan is broken, air won't circulate through the air handler and ductwork.
  • Check the outside condenser—Make sure its fan is running when the inside thermostat calls for air conditioning.

These five air handler parts may need to be replaced over time:

  1. Evaporator coils—The evaporator coils remove heat from the air by transferring it to the refrigerant inside the coils. Dirty or damaged coils will perform poorly or not at all and should be cleaned or replaced when necessary.
  2. Filter—Air coming into the air handler through the return duct passes through the air filter to remove airborne particles before recirculating the air. A filter will need to be replaced if it becomes too dirty or damaged.
  3. Blower—The blower fan pulls air into the air handler from the return ducts and pushes the cooled air through the air supply duct. If the fan isn't spinning or is broken, it will need to be replaced for the unit to work.
  4. Expansion valve—The expansion valve regulates the amount of refrigerant pumped into the evaporator coils. If the expansion valve is faulty, then it needs to be replaced.
  5. Control board—The control board monitors most aspects of the air handler and communicates with the thermostat. A defective control board may cause the air handler to run too long, too short or not at all.

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