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By troubleshooting malfunctions and making frequent repairs to products, a household may be able to cut monthly energy bills by up to 50 percent. If you own Stanley Bostitch equipment, then it's important to get familiar with the simple process of troubleshooting your own products.

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Typical Stanley Bostitch equipment malfunctions

These are the common breakdowns that you're likely to encounter with Stanley Bostitch products:

  • Your power nailer has too little power—If your Stanley Bostitch power nailer appears to be lethargic, it could indicate a problem with the air pressure. Turn up the air pressure to solve the issue.
  • Your air compressor leaks air—If a lot of air is escaping from your air compressor, it's advisable to tighten the air tube fittings, which may be loose.
  • Your air compressor tank doesn't hold air—A rusted tank will eventually leak air. Regularly drain condensate water from the tank as a preventative measure. Ensure that the air tube fittings are tight to reduce leaks.
  • Your garage door is making noises—If your garage door is making noises when operating, then tighten the hardware. Moreover, adjust and align the garage door opener components.

After trying the above simple repairs, your equipment should be restored. If this is not the case, then it's advisable to replace the parts that may have broken down.

Replace malfunctioning Stanley Bostitch equipment parts

Here are some Stanley Bostitch product parts that typically need to be replaced to repair your malfunctioning equipment:

  • Power nailer trigger valve—If your power nailer doesn't respond when the trigger is pulled, it may be useful to replace the trigger valve. Make sure the nailer isn't connected to the air hose before disassembling it and installing a new trigger valve.
  • Garage door rails—If your garage door doesn’t open and close smoothly, check the rails for damage. Replace any damaged or bent rails to restore smooth door travel.
  • Garage door panel hinges—If your garage door panels don’t bend properly when the door opens and shuts, check the door panel hinges and replace any damaged or broken hinges.
  • Air compressor check valve—If your air compressor doesn't start, release all air from the tank and try to start the compressor. If the compressor starts when the tank is empty but not full, replace the check valve because a broken check valve is allowing tank air to flow back through the supply line to put pressure on the pump outlet, preventing the motor from starting when the tank is full.
  • Air compressor pressure switch—If your air compressor doesn't start, it could also indicate an issue with the pressure switch. Switch off the electricity and empty the air tank. Remove the tank pressure gauge and replace the pressure switch tube.

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