Official Marantz parts

Marantz makes all the equipment covering a home theater setup, including receivers, speakers, amplifiers, turntables, televisions and VCR players. The company also carries camcorders for making your own movies to watch. These devices are highly involved pieces of electronics that can suffer from a variety of problems due to malfunctioning parts. Everything from everyday use to the extremely rare power surge can burn out transistors, diodes, fuses and other electronic components rendering your theater inoperable.

Figuring out what's wrong with your home theater equipment

  • The receiver powers the speakers and translates input from other components. This puts a heavy strain on the electronics and causes a lot of heat that can wear out those components.
  • Amplifiers are often damaged when the levels are maxed out and the unit overheats. A kill switch will turn it off automatically if this is the case.
  • Turntables have a lubricated bearing underneath the table that allows it to move freely. This bearing needs to be oiled periodically to avoid irregular record speeds.
  • Televisions often run into problems with the screen. If the screen is black or has lines running through it, then there's an electronics issue.
  • VCR players are much more prone to mechanical problems than the other components mentioned. The entire assembly that loads and unloads the tape can become misaligned, causing the tape to get stuck.

Diagnosing problems with your speakers

If no sound is coming out of your speakers, then there are a few things to check before moving on to possible problems with the receiver or amplifier. The first thing to check is the wires running from the receiver to the speakers. Examine them for damage and make sure that they're properly connected. If the wires are fine, then move on to the front of the speaker. Blown-out speakers will usually have physical damage to the outer portion of the speaker or rubber lining. If the speaker looks undamaged, then take off the back casing and inspect the magnet, wiring and other electronics for visual signs of damage.

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