Official Speed Queen parts

Speed Queen makes appliances to take care of everyday chores in both the laundry room and the kitchen. As a result of everyday use or some sort of mishap, parts can become faulty, leaving you out of luck when it comes to doing the laundry or cleaning the dishes. Thankfully, these issues can often be resolved with a quick repair.

Common problems that can affect your Speed Queen equipment

  • Trash compactors are great for conveniently getting rid of waste. However, some of that waste can get into the door mechanism or motor, making the unit inoperable. Remove any stuck debris from the door or motor.
  • A common problem that occurs with dryers is the drum not spinning when the cycle starts. This can be due to a broken belt or burnt-out motor. Check that the belt is still intact. If it is, you may need to replace the motor.
  • Washers sometimes have problems with not draining properly. This can happen if the drain hose becomes kinked or clogged with a foreign object or if the drain pump breaks. Clear out any clogs in the drains or remove any drain hose kinks if present.
  • Washers also have problems with the drum not spinning. This can be caused by having too big of a load in the washer, a broken lid switch, a broken timer or a broken drive belt. Try washing with smaller loads. If this doesn't fix the issue, you may need to replace the timer or belt.
  • If your dishwasher door won't stay closed, check inside the latch for debris that has gotten stuck. Also, check that the door is aligned properly.

What to do if your trash compactor stops working

If your trash compactor fails to turn on when you hit the "Start" button, there are a few different parts you should examine to find the cause. First is the start switch. The start switch sends an electrical signal to the motor telling it to start. If the trash compactor makes no noise when you press the start button, that could be a sign that the switch is bad. You can test the switch using a multimeter.

Another culprit is the safety switch. This switch tells the compactor that the door is closed and safe to operate. If the switch is faulty, the compactor won’t run. You can also use a multimeter to check this switch.

The third cause of an inoperable trash compactor is a burnt-out motor. Motors can burn out due to overuse, low voltage, normal wear or debris getting into the motor. You can test the motor with a multimeter and examine it visually for signs of damage.

Finding the repair parts you need at Sears PartsDirect

Once you've diagnosed what's wrong with your Speed Queen appliance, you can find the parts you need to repair it at Sears PartsDirect.