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Weslo exercise equipment is built to be efficient, capable and durable. However, a recent Consumer Reports survey found out that more than one in every five exercise products needs fixing in order to get back to good working order. Whether you own a treadmill, weight system or elliptical exerciser, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot your Weslo equipment and restore its functionality.

Troubleshooting common problems with Weslo exercise equipment

These are some of the common issues you are likely to encounter with Weslo equipment:

  • Your new Weslo elliptical machine does not detect your heart rate—If the machine is new, remove protective plastic from the handgrips.
  • Your elliptical machine rocks on the floor—Simply level your Weslo elliptical machine to eliminate the rocking motion. Do this by turning the dial on the leveling feet on the sides of the rear stabilizer.
  • Your exercise bicycle has a noisy pedal—Eliminate pedal noise by detaching and lubricating each pedal with bike grease. Reattach the pedals. Wear work gloves for protection.
  • Your Weslo treadmill walking belt slips—If the walking belt is too loose, it may begin to slip. Tighten the screws behind the foot rails to resolve this.
  • Your Weslo skiing machine wears out prematurely—This could indicate that it is time to perform maintenance on your equipment. Lubricate your skiing machine with ski machine lubricant. Be careful not to use petroleum jelly as a substitute.

If the above solutions do not solve the issue you’re experiencing, it is possible that your equipment may have a failing part that needs replacing.

Replacing faulty Weslo equipment parts

Here are some parts that may need replacing to repair your Weslo equipment:

  • Treadmill drive motor—If the walking belt on the treadmill slows down despite the presence of lubrication, it might be time to replace the motor. Shut off the electricity, and then remove the motor hood and replace the motor.
  • Treadmill front roller—If the treadmill drifts right or left, this may indicate that the front roller is worn out. Replace the belt roller to secure your treadmill at the center and prevent it from drifting sideways.
  • Elliptical machine console assembly—If the console on the elliptical machine is dim, it may be time to replace it. Remove the mounting screws at the bottom of the console and disconnect the wires. Install a working console.
  • Elliptical resistance motor—If pedal resistance only sticks to one setting, it is time to change the elliptical resistance motor. Release the lower upright cover and the left pedal arm. Remove the left shield and replace the resistance motor.
  • Weight system cable—Worn-out weight system cables may pose a risk when they are stretched. Remove worn cables from the pulley by disconnecting them with a wrench and pliers.

Sears PartsDirect helps you find Weslo replacement parts

Whatever Weslo equipment you may need to repair, Sears PartsDirect carries the parts you need to get your equipment back in shape.