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Recent studies reveal that the average American household spends a record $503 annually on lawn and garden-related upkeep. If you use a Suncast product for your gardening chores, then it's paramount to learn how to troubleshoot and repair your equipment in order to save on costs.

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Fix these common Suncast product malfunctions

These are the common problems you may encounter if you use Suncast equipment:

  • Your hose reel is leaking—Damages and punctures to your Suncast hose reel could lead to water leakage. However, it's possible that you simply need to tighten connections to alleviate the issue. Ensure that connections to the spigot, in-tube, out-tube, garden hose and leader hose are all tight and secure.
  • Your hose reel leaks but doesn't have punctures—Rubber gasket rings are designed to prevent leaks. However, they work poorly if they're clogged or dried out. Pop these rings out and clean them to improve performance.
  • Your hose reel has cracks—Cold weather could lead to cracks in your hose reel. Store your equipment indoors to avoid this problem. Moreover, add silicon grease to each rubber gasket before using the hose reel.
  • The door on your vertical garden shed is noisy—If the shed door is noisy when opened, then it could mean that some hardware is loose. Tighten the hardware to eliminate the noise.
  • It's difficult to open your shed door—This could mean that the garden shed door components need to be adjusted and aligned. Furthermore, perform simple maintenance such as lubricating the hinges and ensuring that the latch pin hasn't popped out of the latch housing to resolve the issue.

If the above solutions don't restore your Suncast equipment, then it's advisable to replace any faulty parts.

Replace faulty parts to restore your Suncast appliance

Troubleshoot, repair or replace the following parts to get your malfunctioning Suncast equipment back up and running:

  • Hose reel O-ring—Problems with the O-rings can lead to leaks. Turn off the water supply, unscrew the hose from the reel and pull out the housing cover to expose the panel. Install a new O-ring.
  • Hose reel in/out-tube kit—Other leaking issues could stem from a weak connection between the in-tube and the out-tube. Remove the top cross brace and grasp the release tabs on either side of the out-tube. Pull toward the center of the hose reel and replace the in/out-tube kit. To complete the installation, push the in-tube and out-tube together until they lock with a click.
  • Hose reel crank—Problems with the crank can make it difficult to handle and operate the hose reel. Unscrew the bolts in the end hose reel to disassemble the crank handle. Then, install a new hose reel crank.
  • Garden shed wire shelf—If the wire shelf is worn-out or damaged, replace it. Lift up the wire shelving and disassemble the hardware from the wall using a screwdriver. Then, install a new wire shelf.
  • Garden shed door latch pin—A worn-out door latch pin could create issues when opening the shed door. Carefully pry the latch pin outward until it disengages the latch housing. Then, install a new pin. Push the new latch pin downward to secure it in the housing.

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