Official Proctor Silex parts

Is one of your Proctor Silex appliances in need of a fix? Before you call a repair service to come over, you might be able to remedy the issue with a replacement part. Whether your coffee maker, outdoor grill, portable oven or toaster is giving you trouble, the solution can involve some basic troubleshooting to determine whether you just need to replace a faulty or damaged part.

Common issues with coffee makers, gas grills and other small appliances

  1. The glass carafe of your Proctor Silex coffee maker has shattered. There are replacement glass carafes available for Proctor Silex automatic drip coffee makers.
  2. Your Proctor Silex coffee maker is not delivering hot beverages. You may need to insert a new thermostat and heating element. The thermostat regulates the temperature of the water while the heating element actually heats the water for your beverage.
  3. Your Proctor Silex outdoor gas grill won't light anymore. The gas grill igniter electrode creates the spark needed to light the fire in the grill. If the electrode is damaged, you can replace it using a screwdriver.
  4. The handle of your Proctor Silex portable oven may have broken off. Purchasing a replacement handle for your oven lid is simple. You just need a screwdriver to attach the new handle to your lid. Two screws should hold the handle in place.
  5. Your Proctor Silex toaster won't produce heat for toasting. Check whether the cord of the wire is damaged. If wiggling the cord produces any flickering, there is likely an intermittent wiring issue, and you may need to replace the power cord.

Troubleshooting a Proctor Silex coffee maker that won't work

If your coffee brewer has stopped working completely, don't despair. Chances are good that you can figure out what the issue is and, with the correct replacement part, repair it yourself. Start by thoroughly cleaning the coffee maker. Use your coffee maker's instruction booklet for cleaning and descaling the machine, usually using white vinegar and water. After you've completed the process, try to brew coffee.

If that doesn't solve the problem, check the water tank to see if the drain hole is clogged. If it is, poke out the clog with a toothpick or other thin material. If the bar beneath the drain hole is broken or corroded, you'll need to get a replacement water tank.