Official Panasonic parts

Panasonic offers a wide variety of products, including audio systems, vacuums, fax machines, microwaves, televisions and more. From time to time, you may experience difficulties with your product, but typically this can be fixed with a replacement part. It's important to first troubleshoot your appliance to determine which part is malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting tips for your Panasonic equipment

  • Surround sound isn’t working right—If you're experiencing difficulties with your surround sound, you’ll want to check a few things. You’ll first want to make sure that your source of entertainment is available in surround sound. Some programs or DVDs don’t offer this feature, which may be why the surround sound isn’t working correctly. If surround sound is available, check your wire connections. To use surround sound, you’ll need an HDMI cable. Using any other cable will not properly transmit the source component to your home theater system.
  • Fax machine has no dial tone—If you set up your fax machine and are unable to hear a dial tone, the problem could be caused by a bad phone line cord. First, check to make sure the fax machine is plugged into a phone line jack. If it is and the problem persists, then try using an analog phone to test it out. If you receive a tone, then it's a problem with your phone line cord. To solve this problem, replace the cord.
  • Vacuum brush roll not spinning—Check for hair or debris jammed in the brush roller and clear out the brush roller if it’s jammed. Check the drive belt and replace the belt if it’s worn or broken.
  • Distorted color on television—If you notice distorted color, flashing dots or bad quality in the picture, it's likely an issue with your screen. Ninety percent of bad screens aren't repairable, which means you'll most likely need to get a replacement to solve the problem.

Top five Panasonic camera parts

  1. Sensor—The sensor is perhaps one of the most important components of a digital camera. It's what captures light and converts it into an image. If you zoom in on your photo and notice several lines, then you may have a bad sensor.
  2. Lens—The lens works to store images on a device. If you notice scratches or blemishes on your lens, you may need to replace it to maintain quality photos.
  3. Flash switch—Flash is important for adding extra light to your photos. Using flash correctly can result in better-quality photos because the sensor can capture more. A flash switch is used for turning the flash on or off. If the flash isn't working, it may just need to be activated.
  4. Focus motor—In order for a camera’s focus to operate correctly, it must use a motor. The motor moves the lens to adjust a subject into a clear image. If the lens doesn't move or moves slower than normal, you may have a faulty motor that needs replacing.

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