Official McCulloch parts

McCulloch offers chainsaws, line trimmers, lawn chippers, leaf blowers and much more to aid in your lawn and garden care. At times, your equipment may malfunction, but normally, the problem can be resolved with a replacement part. You'll want to start by doing some basic troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting McCulloch equipment

  • Chainsaw won’t start—Chainsaws that won’t start often have a faulty spark plug. Check if the spark plug is cracked, burned or damaged in any way. To resolve the issue, you’ll need to replace the plug.
  • Line trimmer stalls—If you find that your line trimmer is stalling, then it could be caused by a clogged carburetor. When fuel is left in the trimmer for too long, it can become thick and clog the carburetor. You'll want to clean the carburetor or replace it entirely to fix the problem.
  • Chipper shredder doesn’t cut—A dull blade is likely the culprit when your shredder doesn’t cut properly. Over time, the blade wears down from use and will need to be sharpened. A blade that's too worn will need to be replaced.
  • Leaf blower won’t accelerate—When a leaf blower will not accelerate, it could be due to a dirty air filter. Check if the filter is clogged and remove any debris. If it's extremely contaminated, then you'll need to replace the filter.
  • Lawn edger won’t start—A lawn edger often won’t start due to a lack of fuel. Check that your edger is properly filled and in the Start position. Should you still experience difficulties, check for worn spark plugs or a clogged carburetor.

Top five lawn mower issues

  1. Handlebars—Over time, handlebars can become rusty or even snap. Should you experience this problem, you’ll need to purchase a handlebar assembly.
  2. Blade—The blade of a mower becomes dull after frequent use. This results in uneven cuts and other problems. You'll want to sharpen the blade or replace it if it's too damaged.
  3. Grass catcher—A grass catcher bag can rip when it becomes too worn. To avoid clippings being strewn about your lawn, you’ll want to buy a replacement bag.
  4. Carburetor—It's not uncommon for the carburetor to get clogged. Rebuild the carubetor using a kit or replace the carburetor if cleaning doesn’t help.
  5. Belt—The drive belt of a lawn mower can sometimes rub against the blade guard if the pulleys are damaged. Replace the pulleys and belt to resume normal use.

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