Official Ingersoll Rand parts

Even when you properly care for your Ingersoll Rand tools, you may notice a lapse in performance over time. Often, this is the result of a part wearing out. It's easy to order replacement parts for your Ingersoll Rand tools through Sears PartsDirect.

Ingersoll Rand manufacturers a number of durable construction tools. Many of their tools are battery-operated and can be used with a wide variety of blades, drill bits and other attachments. Here are a few of the most popular types of tools that Ingersoll Rand offers.

  • Power sanders, such as the IR311A and the 328B
  • Power grinders, including the 345MAX and the 3445MAX
  • Power drills like the IR7802R and the IR271
  • Battery chargers, including the BC1110
  • Reciprocating saws, such as the C1101

Common parts in Ingersoll Rand tools

  1. Trigger—The trigger found on almost all small power tools is susceptible to breaking down over time. If it becomes loose, the tool may work intermittently or not at all, and the trigger will need to be replaced.
  2. Wheel guard—The wheel guard on power grinders protects the operator from sparks or cutting debris while the tool is being used. It will need to be replaced if it continuously loosens or breaks.
  3. Sanding pad—The sanding pad on power sanders holds the sanding paper in place and is spun by the motor shaft. If the sanding pad comes loose, it may be due to worn washers or screws that should be replaced.
  4. Shoe—This may also be known as the boot. Located on the front of a reciprocating saw, the shoe is a hinged piece that helps steady the saw against the cutting surface. Since this part is responsible for stabilizing the saw, a faulty shoe can reduce your level of control and cause the blade to cut unevenly.
  5. Electronic control board—The control board on battery chargers manages the charging of the plugged-in batteries so that they are not overloaded. If the control board is faulty, it may charge slowly or not at all.

Ordering replacement parts for your Ingersoll Rand tools

When you shop at Sears PartsDirect, you can order confidently knowing that each Ingersoll Rand part is manufacturer-approved.