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Hunter ceiling fans are known for the reliability but sometimes parts break and need replacement. Fan blades can get damaged or warped and electrical components can wear out or break. If you ceiling fan doesn't work or makes noise when running, diagnose the problem and order the replacement parts that you need to fix the fan.

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Everyday issues that can cause your ceiling fan to malfunction

  • Fan won’t run—The first thing to check is that there is electricity running to the fan. If the fan has lighting attached to it, try turning the light on. Alternatively, you can check other outlets/devices that are on the same circuit. If nothing is running, then check the circuit breaker to see if it is tripped. If it's only the fan, then there could be a wiring issue, meaning you'll have to shut off the house circuit breaker and remove the fan from the ceiling to gain access to internal electrical components.
  • Fan blades don't spin—If the motor is running but the fan is stationary, then the problem could be a blown motor capacitor or bad motor. If the capacitor is in good shape, then it could be that the flywheel is shot or the bearings inside the motor have dried out and become frozen.
  • Fan can't change speeds—This is also a problem that can be caused by a blown-out motor capacitor. If the capacitor is blown out, it may look melted or burnt. If the capacitor is okay, then a broken speed switch may be causing the failure.
  • Pull cord is broken—If the cord breaks off from inside the cord switch unit, then you'll have no choice but to replace the switch. If the break is lower, then you can probably get away with attaching a new replacement cord.
  • Fan is wobbly or noisy—The most obvious culprit here is going to be unbalanced fan blades or something loose in the assembly. This could mean a lot of poking around in the fan to figure out what is loose.