Official DeWalt parts

DeWalt manufactures a variety of tools that are great for working around your home or on the job if you're an electrician, plumber, or carpenter. No matter the task at hand, DeWalt has a tool that can make your job easier.

What kind of tools does DeWalt manufacture?

Below are some common DeWalt tools.

  • Power drills such as the DCD460B and the DCD460T1
  • Wet/dry vacs including the DW795 and the DW792
  • Power hammers such as the D25890K and the D25891K
  • Power sanders such as the DW421 and the DW431
  • Air compressors including the D55270 and the D55250

DeWalt parts that may need to be replaced

If you're performing routine service on your tools or replacing a part, it's important to always put your safety first by disconnecting the tools from any power source and wearing proper eye protection. Also, don't forget to consult the owner's manual and any diagrams that are provided to familiarize yourself with each part of your tool.

  • Safety valve—The pressure safety valve on an air compressor opens to relieve excess air pressure inside the tank before it can build to dangerous levels.
  • Filter—Wet/dry vac filters help prevent dust and other fine particulates from being blown out of the exhaust. Most filters can be cleaned if they get dirty, but they need to be replaced if they tear or become damaged.
  • Motor cover—The motor cover, or housing, on a power hammer contains the motor and many other parts of the power hammer. If the motor cover comes loose, it should be tightened to keep all of the internal parts secure.
  • Dust bag—The dust bag on a sander collects sawdust as it works, preventing the dust from being released into the air. If the bag has a hole in it or doesn't attach securely to the sander, the bag should be replaced.
  • Motor brushes—The motor brushes conduct electrical current between a rotating shaft and stationary wires, allowing the tool to function properly. Brushes can wear down over time, and when they do, they need to be replaced.