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If you want your Life Fitness equipment to last as long as possible, maintenance is key. Keeping your equipment running smoothly may require a few replacement parts, which you can find at Sears PartsDirect.

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Common problems with treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise cycles

If you are troubleshooting your Life Fitness equipment, here are few potential problems you may be having.

  1. Your Life Fitness treadmill won’t power on—This could be anything from the power cord to the outlet. Also, check the surge protector if you have the treadmill plugged into one. Make sure it is getting power. Lack of power could also be caused by the motor control board. This might be due to overheating, problems with the circuit or simply old age.
  2. Your Life Fitness elliptical won’t increase the resistance—If you are unable to increase the resistance on your elliptical, it may be a problem with the electrical wiring inside the elliptical. The elliptical resistance belt could be damaged. If this is worn or broken, it will affect the resistance.
  3. Your Life Fitness exercise cycle pedals won’t stay on—If your pedals are falling off, it is most likely a problem with the crankshaft. To fix this, you simply need to replace the part with a new one, which is fairly easy and safe to do.

Troubleshooting your Life Fitness treadmill

Here are five different parts that may need replacing:

  1. Walking belt—The walking belt is the part of the treadmill you walk on. This can get worn over time. This will cause a lack of friction and put you at risk of slipping.
  2. Walking board—This is the sturdy surface beneath the walking belt. If this becomes worn, it will cause friction. This means the treadmill won’t feel as smooth and may even stick. This can cause serious injury if it is not replaced.
  3. Drive motor—If your walking belt won’t move, this may be a problem with the drive motor. When the drive motor dies, it prevents the treadmill from moving. The display will still work, but the treadmill won’t run.
  4. Console display—The console display is where you view your time, heart rate and distance. Over the lifespan of your treadmill, the display may stop working. If this happens, you may still be able to run the treadmill. You just won’t be able to see your time, distance or any various displays.
  5. Roller—Rollers keep the walking belt moving across the walking board. When a roller is worn, the treadmill will become noisy and rough to walk or run on.

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