Official Lennox parts

Have you noticed that what should be warm air coming out of your vents is, in fact, making your home colder? Your furnace has a lot of different parts and safety features designed to protect you from harm, and if one of those parts is on the fritz, it may affect the entire furnace.

Here are a few tricks you can use to get your furnace or heat pump working again and keep your home warm and comfortable.

Tips for repairing your Lennox furnace

  • Make sure the gas valve to the furnace is open.
  • Check the pilot light to see if it's lit. Without the pilot light, the main burners cannot ignite.
  • Clean the flame sensor if necessary. If the flame sensor is dirty, it may shut off gas to the pilot/primary burners as a safety precaution.
  • Check the air filter. If it's too dirty, the air entering the furnace flows less efficiently.
  • Make sure the thermostat is set to "Heat" and not "Fan" as running it on "Fan" mode will not engage the burners.

Here are some common furnace parts that may break down:

  1. Blower fan—The blower fan activates once the temperature inside the furnace is high enough and pushes the warm air through the ductwork connected to the furnace.
  2. Flame sensor—The flame sensor is a safety feature that's designed to detect a flame when the gas valve is open. If the flame sensor is dirty or damaged, it may not detect a flame properly, which will cause the furnace to shut down so that gas doesn't continuously flow.
  3. Burner igniter—The burner igniter is a module that uses an electric spark to ignite the gas coming out of the burner manifold.
  4. Gas valve—The gas valve regulates the flow of gas to the pilot light and primary burner trays. If the gas valve is stuck closed, the burners will not be able to light.
  5. Vent blower—The vent blower is part of the furnace's exhaust system and is responsible for moving dangerous gases out of the furnace through the chimney.
  6. Pilot burner—The pilot burner, or pilot light, is a small flame that is continuously burning and is used to light the primary burners when the furnace is called for heat.

Ordering replacement parts for your Lennox furnace or heat pump

Sears PartsDirect makes it easy to order replacement parts for your Lennox products online. You can simply enter the model or part number into the search bar to find replacement parts for your furnace or heat pump.