Official Sansui parts

Sansui manufactures a wide variety of electronics a line of audio and video equipment such as receivers, speakers, turntables, amplifiers, VCR/DVD combos and televisions. They also manufacture microwaves. These pieces of equipment are electronically complex and can experience problems over time. When your Sansui equipment malfunctions, find the repair parts you need to fix the problem at Sears PartsDirect.

Is your Sansui equipment in need of repair?

Stereo components can fail at any time. Here are some examples of common electronic equipment problems.

  • Speakers—Speakers can blow out if you turn them up too loud and they're not rated for the power output of your amplifier. They can also experience electronic problems not associated with the volume. If wires come loose or a transistor burns out, the speaker won't work.
  • Amplifier—Amplifiers can overheat if you block the air ventilation grills on the amplifier cabinet.
  • Tape deck—The drive mechanism can wear out over time.
  • DVD player—The lens that reads the disc can become misaligned or dirty.
  • Television—Leaving a static image on the display too long can burn the image into the screen.

Diagnosing problems with your Sansui receiver

  • If your receiver doesn't turn on, the first thing to examine is the power cord behind the unit. Is it properly connected to the receiver and plugged in? Are there any tears or other damage?
  • If the cord is okay, the next step is to examine the receiver for signs of physical damage. Are the buttons intact? Is there physical damage to the case? Is there any sign of water damage?
  • Unplug the receiver, open the case and look for loose wires or anything else that seems out of place.
  • Use a multimeter to test each electronic component for connectivity.