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Some common Yamaha parts and their associated problems

If your Yamaha equipment isn't working properly, many times it may simply be a worn-down or faulty part that you can easily fix yourself. Some of the common problems with various Yamaha equipment include the following:

  • Speakers—These are the components of every home theater system that convert electrical signals into sound waves. There is a huge variety when it comes to the particular setup you might have, but nearly every speaker setup for home systems will include a separately powered subwoofer for low frequencies and at least four cabinets containing a combination of high-range speakers. An issue with a speaker not working could just be the result of a faulty cable or wire. There might be a break in the cable or wire connection. Another possibility is a bad amplifier.
  • Receiver—This is the main component that drives every stereo system. All other components plug into the receiver and the speakers are powered by the unit. As with the speakers, problems with the receiver could just be the result of a bad connection somewhere or a bad amplifier.
  • Equalizer—This component allows you to finely adjust the pitch and tone of the audio to correspond to the media you are enjoying. Sometimes, an equalizer malfunction will exhibit the same symptoms as with a broken receiver. A bad filter may be to blame.
  • Television—If the TV in your system is running hot or you notice a burning smell, there might be a problem with one of the resistors. The resistors are responsible for regulating the electrical current. These devices tend to burn out over time, so they will need to be replaced if they do.
  • DVD player—If the disc tray isn't loading discs or the disc doesn't appear to be turning properly, there may be a problem with the disc drive belt. The belt might need to be replaced if this is the case.

Why did your Yamaha digital projector stop working?

The issues could be the result of just one or several parts not functioning. A bad lamp or a burnt-out bulb might also be the problem. The mirror, prism or lens could be having trouble reflecting light or projecting images. Newer digital models of projectors are computerized, so there may be a problem with the chips or electronics. As is the case with machines that are powered electronically, the issue could just be a bad cable or connection somewhere. If your projector isn't cooling sufficiently, it's possible that the internal case isn't properly venting hot air.

Ordering replacement parts for your Yamaha electronics

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