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Radio Flyer is responsible for many great toys. The company offers scooters, red wagons and tricycles for children of young ages. It can be frustrating when your child's favorite toy suddenly stops working, but fortunately, you can remedy the problem with a simple part replacement. To begin, you'll want to find the root of your issue.

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Common fixes for your Radio Flyer product

  • Runs slow—Slow-running toys might be due to overloading. The maximum weight for toys is 45 pounds, and this weight limit shouldn't be exceeded.
  • Loud noise—Toys that make loud noises may have issues with the gear box or a defective wheel. These will need to be replaced to solve the problem.
  • Won’t steer—Vehicles that won’t steer may have a damaged steering assembly. Replace the steering assembly if damaged.

Top five motocross scooter parts that need to be replaced

  1. Frame—The frame of a scooter is the building block for all components.
  2. Handles—The handles of a motocross scooter are used for steering. They're also used to support the weight of a rider. Damaged handles should be replaced to avoid any injury.
  3. Handle grips—Grips on handlebars assure a rider’s hands don't slip while steering. They're a priority for not only comfort but also safety.
  4. Wheels—The wheels are used to move the scooter effectively. Without wheels, the scooter is inoperable.
  5. Parking stand—The parking stand is used to support the scooter when it's not in use. This keeps the scooter from lying on the ground where it may incur scratches or get dirty.