Official Murray parts

Murray has produced lawn and garden tools, as well as other products, for more than 90 years. The Murray name is closely associated with Briggs & Stratton because that is the only engine manufacturer that Murray uses in its machines. Over time, the Murray brand has expanded to include many of the tools found in garages throughout the U.S. Although these tools are built to last, sometimes a part will need to be repaired or replaced.

Common products that Murray produces

  • Bicycles—Murray began producing bicycles in 1937 and stopped in 2005. Murray was one of the first companies to jump on the BMX bandwagon, and many of their bikes are still in use.
  • Moped—The Murray moped was produced from 1979 through 1982 in cooperation with Puch and is considered a classic.
  • Walk-behind lawnmowers—The Murray walk-behind mower comes in both push and self-propelled models. They usually cover a swath of 20 to 24 inches.
  • Riding lawnmower and tractor—Murray produces eight versions of riding lawnmowers for use on large acreages.
  • Snow remover—Murray offers four two-stage snow blowers that clear from 27- to 29-inch rows.

Which Murray parts most often require repair?

  • The bicycles produced by Murray come in a rich array of types. However, the foot pedal is one part that commonly needs replacement.
  • When Murray and Puch were producing their Moped from 1979-1982, no one thought that the motorized bike would become a classic. Those who choose to rebuild one of these bikes will start by finding themselves refinishing the frame and replacing many of the original parts with OEM equivalents up to and including the unique Stewart Warner “backward and sideways” speedometer.
  • Murray riding lawn mowers use belts to transfer power to the blade. The belts stretch over time and require replacement. The process is doable but complex.
  • The snow auger drive belt is the major part that needs periodic replacement in Murray snow removal equipment. This belt is the mechanism that drives the tines. Over time, the belt may stretch and become ineffective.

Ordering replacement parts for your Murray tools

One of the concerns about purchasing Murray tools in the past was the relative unavailability of replacement parts. You can now find almost any Murray part here at Sears PartsDirect, where thousands of replacement parts are available.