Official Huffy parts

As Huffy celebrates more than 125 years of producing quality-made bicycles, many popular models are still available for purchase today. If you still have an older Huffy bike or scooter in the garage, you can just as easily replace some parts to get it working and looking like new again.

Troubleshooting tips for your Huffy bicycle or scooter

  • Replace all rusted parts, bolts or accessories.
  • Clean chains with grease remover and apply chain lubricant.
  • Inflate tires and replace tubes and/or tires if they won’t hold air.
  • Grease all bearings, handlebars and pedals (bicycles only).
  • Clean the frame with a soft cloth and household grease remover.

If you accomplish this list and your Huffy bicycle or scooter still can't be safely ridden, then you may need to purchase and replace a part.

Six components of bicycles or scooters that may require replacement

  1. Tires and tubes—Tires for bicycles have a corresponding tube inside that's inflated to a prescribed pressure. This pressure is written on the tube by the manufacturer. Replace tires that are overly worn and have little to no tread remaining. Fill a flat tube to see if it will hold air prior to replacing it as tubes may lose air over a significant period of inactivity but still be usable.
  2. Chain—The chain on any bicycle is prone to collecting rust if stored in a humid or wet environment. A heavily corroded chain should be replaced, but a small amount of relatively new rust can be removed with a degreaser and a soft cloth. A standard bicycle chain lubricant should be applied at all times for a quiet, smooth riding experience and to prevent rust buildup.
  3. Pedals—Bicycle pedals experience a lot of wear and tear through normal use because they impact the ground first when you crash or when the bicycle is dropped. Pedals come in all shapes and sizes and have a universal attachment. They can typically be put on or removed with a 15-millimeter wrench or from behind with the use of an Allen wrench.
  4. Brake cables—Many models of Huffy bicycles and scooters have front brakes, and the cables that activate these brakes can become frayed or stretched over time. Inspect these cables every six months for frays, nicks or bends that would compromise their integrity. Replace them as necessary.
  5. Spokes—The spokes of your Huffy bicycle or scooter wheels may break or become bent if you crash on your bike or if it is ridden too hard. If a spoke is loose, tighten it with a special bicycle spoke tool or a wrench, or you can purchase a replacement spoke.
  6. Scooter deck—Huffy scooters all have a deck with a coating of abrasive, non-stick material on top that can wear off with normal use. If you don't want to replace the entire deck, then new non-stick pads can be applied.