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Chicago Pneumatic manufactures tools that are reliable and built to last. These tools use rugged components with dependable controls to tackle the toughest jobs. When your Chicago Pneumatic tools break down, trust Sears PartsDirect to have the repair parts you need to get your tools going again.

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What types of tools are produced by Chicago Pneumatic?

Chicago Pneumatic produces several types of hand-held pneumatic tools that are used by journeymen and handymen across the country.

  • Pneumatic engraving tools—These small tools are used to engrave everything from hard aluminum alloys to soft skins.
  • Hammer guns—These hammers range from a jackhammer to the small area demolition tool.
  • Power drills—These drills are used in place of electric drills when water is present for safety reasons.
  • Power grinder—This is a durable alternative to electric-powered grinders.
  • Power sander—This type of sander is especially handy for jobs where water or oils are used during the sanding process.
  • Ratchet or nut drivers—These drivers are every tire shop mechanic’s best friend. The pneumatic nut driver is the tool of choice in these shops.
  • Power wrenches—Often found in industrial settings, these wrenches are essential for any hard-to-reach spot where hand wrench tools have a limited range.

What causes pneumatic tools to wear out?

Quality pneumatic tools are among the most durable tools known to the mechanic or the homeowner. Coming in second only to the handheld tool, the pneumatic tool does not usually break down often. Most breakdowns are attributable to a handful of issues.

  • Water is the principal cause of breakdown for a pneumatic tool. Water gets into the pneumatic tool through the air compression system.
  • Grit, dust and debris in the airline is another cause of early pneumatic tool breakdown. Debris gets lodged in the working parts, causing a gradual degradation of performance.
  • Just like any other mechanical tool, pneumatic tools require maintenance. Regular cleaning between jobs and regular oiling during jobs ensure the longest life for moving parts.
  • Inside all pneumatic tools, springs are responsible for transferring power from one part to another. These springs are squeezed at one moment and released the next, several times per second. Regular changes of springs in pneumatic tools is highly recommended.
  • No matter the purpose of a pneumatic tool, there is a high impact point somewhere in the device. Impact surfaces can wear down causing the need for part replacement.