Washer Fabric Softener Dispenser Hose 64170

Part #64170

This part is no longer available.

We've permanently sold out of this part. It's no longer available from the manufacturer and the manufacturer has no substitute for this part. Although our call center staff is always happy to help when possible, they don't have access to this part. If you can't find that part and decide to replace the product, we invite you to visit

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Part Information

This fabric softener dispenser hose (part number 64170) is for washers.

Fabric softener dispenser hose 64170 carries the fabric softener from the dispenser to the wash tub.

Shut off the water supply and unplug the washer before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

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Kenmore Fabric Softner Hose Replacement
September 07, 2020

Our 34 year old Kenmore washing machine Fabric Softner Hose split. This hose was the perfect replacement and fit with no problems. While the machine is disassembled, it's best to check all the hoses and order at the same time.

Undisclosed, Tennessee

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1 - 2 hours

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