Official Mantis parts

From cultivators to leaf blowers, hedge trimmers to tillers, Mantis equipment is designed to make your garden chores easier. Most lawn and garden equipment can be expected to function for at least 10 years. Get the most out of your Mantis equipment by performing regular troubleshooting and repairs.

Common issues affecting Mantis equipment and how to troubleshoot them

Here are common problems that affect Mantis equipment that can be easily repaired:

  • Your leaf blower won’t start—In order to start, the leaf blower needs compression, spark and gas. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas to keep the fuel fresh. Perform regular preventative maintenance to avoid problems with starting your machine.
  • Your leaf blower runs rough—Old gas can accumulate water, resulting in your leaf blower running poorly. Make sure that the fuel is fresh by adding fuel stabilizer to the tank.
  • The tiller engine leaks oil—Tighten the oil drain plug if it is leaking. Replace any gaskets that are leaking oil.
  • Your tiller isn’t operating like it should—If your tiller is performing poorly when turning the soil, adjust the tiller clutch cable. The clutch cable is responsible for engaging the drive system.
  • The engine of your cultivator runs, but the tines do not turn—If the engine runs but the tines remain stationary, adjust the cultivator clutch cable.

If the above solutions do not get your Mantis equipment up and running, you may have to replace malfunctioning parts.

When to replace faulty parts

These are some faulty parts that typically need replacing in order to restore your equipment to working order:

  • Hedge trimmer carburetor—If the hedge trimmer starts then sputters, it may be time to replace the carburetor. Disconnect the spark plug wire and drain the fuel tank. Disconnect the fuel lines and remove the air filter. Install a new carburetor.
  • Hedge trimmer fuel lines—Fuel lines can become brittle and crack over time and may need to be replaced. Disconnect the spark plug wire and empty the fuel tank before removing the fuel filter. Disconnect the lines from the carburetor and pull out the fuel lines from the tank. Replace the fuel lines.
  • Leaf blower carburetor—If your Mantis leaf blower runs rough, it may be time to replace the carburetor. Drain the fuel tank and disconnect the spark plug wire. Remove the air filter cover to replace the carburetor.
  • Tiller tine shaft clevis pin—The clevis pin attaches the tines to the rotating shaft. It protects the engine if the tiller encounters rough objects. Replace the clevis pin if it breaks.
  • Tiller drive belt—If the wheels and tines don’t turn, it may be time to replace the tiller drive belt. Disconnect the spark plug wire and remove the drive belt cover. Replace the drive belt.

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