Official Harman Kardon parts

There could be a variety of possible reasons why your Harmon Kardon receiver or DVD player isn't working correctly. Faulty control boards or bad wiring connections can prevent the equipment from working. You may need to replace parts when your receiver or DVD player isn't working.

Troubleshooting issues with your receiver

The receiver is made up of complex designs and electronic components, and one burnt-out transistor might make the LED display black while another could fry the entire unit. With that said, here are five different problems with possible causes to help you troubleshoot and repair your receiver.

  • Cables—A common problem that can often be overlooked is one involving the cables and wires connecting all the components of your stereo together. Cables can come loose or be damaged, especially in cases where there are pets or small children in the home.
  • Speakers—Playing your receiver at excessive volumes can blow out the speakers. This is especially true if the speakers aren't rated to handle the power output of your receiver.
  • Switches—If you're not using a remote, then you rely on the switches on the receiver to turn it on and select the proper input. Switches can be damaged when they’re pushed on too hard.
  • Compatibility—Sometimes, components aren't designed to work with each other. This can be seen in the different versions of surround sound available.
  • Electronics—Circuit boards can fry from power surges or overuse.

Troubleshooting issues with your DVD player

Just as with the Harmon Kardon receiver, the DVD player is also a complex machine that can be damaged in several ways. In addition to all the electronic components that can burn out, there are the mechanical pieces that physically move the disc in and out of the player. Here are five problems experienced with DVD players and their causes.

  • Connections—As with the receiver, if the cables connecting the DVD player to other components aren't secured, then the unit won't work.
  • Lens—If the disc reading lens is dirty or scratched, it won't read the disc.
  • Electronics—DVD players have circuit boards that can burn out from strain or wear.
  • Disc—If the disc is scratched or dirty, the lens will not be able to read it.
  • Loading tray—The loading tray has mechanical parts that can break, or the tray itself can become misaligned.