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To stay physically fit, you need a consistent workout regimen. Weider fitness machines and weight systems can help you achieve this goal. Weider machines are manufactured to withstand heavy and prolonged amounts of exercise, but they are susceptible to wear and tear. Learning about the common parts and how to replace or repair them can keep your machines as fit as you are.

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Some common problems to look out for

  • Lack of display on the control unit—This could result from a loose or an unplugged power cord, worn batteries, crumpled cables or a tripped circuit breaker. To remedy this problem, check whether the power socket works and then attach the power cord firmly. If the power cord is loose or worn out, you will need to replace it. Check the batteries for correct installation. If the batteries are connected correctly, you might just need new ones.
  • Erratic treadmill movement—This mainly emanates from a worn walking belt, bad rollers or a faulty drive motor. A bad motor control board or worn motor drive belt can also cause this problem. To fix the issue, start by checking the walking belt and rollers for alignment and wear.
  • Slipping belt—The belt might be loose or come out of alignment. This happens when there is excess friction on the belt roller bearings. Make sure your Weider treadmill is lubricated sufficiently, and check walking belt tension by lifting the sides of the belt.
  • Burning smell—This indicates that your exercise machine has burned some internal components and might catch fire. Unplug your exercise machine from the main socket. Check the motor and the control board for burned wiring and components.
  • Trouble adjusting weights—If the weight won’t change despite the setting, you can try to recalibrate the system or connect a new console. Also, ensure the limit switches are not stuck and the cables are properly attached.

Top five common Weider replacement parts

  • Weight system cables—These cables are prone to wear and tear due to the heavy loads being lifted. When replacing such cables, it is necessary to wear safety gloves to prevent cuts and bruises.
  • Treadmill console—This houses the selection buttons and the electronic display unit of the treadmill. To prevent electrocution, make sure to unplug the treadmill. Also, wear safety gloves to protect your hands.
  • Treadmill motor control board—This controls the speed of the drive motor, which in turn varies the speed of the belt. Before you access the motor control board, unplug the treadmill to disconnect electrical power. Wear gloves to protect your hands. You can use the parts diagram to find the exact location of the control board.
  • Treadmill rollers—These hold the belt in place and turn the belt. When replacing the rollers, unplug the treadmill first, and don’t forget to lubricate the rollers if they run slow.
  • Safety key—A treadmill’s safety key attaches to the console on one end and clips to your clothing on the other end. If the key detaches from the treadmill while the treadmill is in use, the treadmill stops. The key can be easily misplaced or damaged when stored improperly, so keep it in a safe place.

Where can you find original replacement parts?

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