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Statistics show that more than 30 percent of consumers prefer to repair their own equipment and save on costs. If you own a Master sprayer, it can be handy to learn how to troubleshoot and repair your own equipment.

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Troubleshooting tips for Master equipment

Below are the common problems you might face with a Master yard sprayer:

  • Your yard sprayer is not spraying properly—If your sprayer is not working properly, its nozzle may be clogged. Clean the nozzle and rinse it to remove debris.
  • Your yard sprayer has little pressure—If your Master yard sprayer does not spray with enough pressure, it could indicate a problem with a restricted suction line. Unclog the suction line by removing any objects that may be present.
  • The spray pump is not rotating—If the spray pump of your yard sprayer stops rotating, check the clutch pedal and lift it if it appears to be depressed.
  • The pump motor doesn’t run—Check the power supply connection to the pump. Reconnect any loose wires to restore power to the pump.

If the above troubleshooting methods do not alleviate your Master sprayer issues, then it may be time to replace parts that are no longer working.

When to replace your malfunctioning yard sprayer parts

  • Yard sprayer gasket—If the sprayer’s gasket becomes brittle and cracks, it may leak and impede the equipment’s performance. Install a new gasket and ensure that all connections are secure and fastened to avoid leaks or loss of pressure.
  • Yard sprayer adjustable nozzle—A loose, clogged or damaged nozzle can lead to poor spraying. Replace the adjustable nozzle and make sure that the top and bottom tabs are fastened and aligned to prevent leaks.
  • Yard sprayer shut-off lever—If the shut-off lever is damaged, the yard sprayer will continue to spray even when the lever is released. Squeeze the shut-off handle and disengage the shut-off lock. If this does not work, replace the lever.

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