Official Desa parts

Desa offers a selection of products that will keep your home warm, including space heaters, furnaces, gas fireplaces and air handlers. Each of these products is designed to last for a long time, but with all the small mechanical and electronic parts under constant stress from heat and motion, parts are bound to eventually malfunction and need repair.

How to troubleshoot your Desa wall heater when it won't heat

• Make sure that the gas cut-off valve going to the heater is fully open and that you have adequate gas supply provided to the heater. • Check the gas orifice for clogging. Clear the gas orifice if it's clogged. • Check the operation of the igniter. Replace the igniter if it doesn't spark when you press the ignition button.

Maintaining your Desa wall heater

• Turn off the heater and let it cool. • Use a soft bristle brush to clean the burn and igniter electrode. • Use a vacuum cleaner to clear residue from the burner, air vents and grill. • Wipe the cabinet with a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap and water mixture.