Official Campbell Hausfeld parts

Campbell Hausfeld manufactures a wide range of air compressors and power tools. Have you noticed that your Campbell Hausfeld product isn't working properly lately? If so, you may be able to fix the problem by replacing a part.

Is your Campbell Hausfeld product acting up?

Has your air impact wrench stopped working? Maybe your air compressor just isn't functioning the way it used to. Here are some simple DIY fixes:

  • If your Campbell Hausfeld wrench is suddenly running slow, you may have a leak in the air hose. Inspect the hose thoroughly, and if it's damaged, consider replacing.
  • If your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is discharging oil as well as air, check the discharge and suction valves. These may need to be replaced.
  • If your Campbell Hausfeld airless paint sprayer is leaking paint, check the piston rod. This can wear out over time. You might need to disassemble the fluid pump to access the piston rod.

Common pressure washer issues

Here are a few common issues with pressure washers and what may cause them:

  • Weak spray—A weak spray stream can be caused by dirt or debris clogging the hose or spray tip. If the spray is still weak after cleaning it out, then it's likely due to a poorly performing pump.
  • Excessive spray—If the pressure washer is spraying too hard, your pressure washer may have a faulty pressure regulator or unloader valve, both of which control the spray pressure.
  • Engine won't start—If you're unable to pull the starter cord, then it's likely because of a faulty recoil starter that should be replaced. If the engine itself doesn't run, then the carburetor may be clogged or broken.
  • Smoke coming out of exhaust—If you see smoke coming out of the exhaust, it's likely that the engine is overfilled with oil, and it will have to be drained to the proper level.