February 11, 2023

Top 10 electric lawn and garden tools for 2023

Introduction image for article on the top 10 lawn and garden tools to have in 2023.
Introduction image for article on the top 10 lawn and garden tools to have in 2023.

Electric lawn and garden tools are the rage in 2023. Improvements in battery performance enable cordless tools to compete with corded and gas versions of lawn and garden equipment.

We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 must-have electric lawn and garden tools to help you keep your yard in top shape.

1. Line trimmer

If you’re still using a gas-powered line trimmer, 2023 is the year to make that switch to an electric version. Carburetors on gas line trimmer engines easily get clogged with gummy fuel deposits. You’ll find yourself tugging repeatedly on the starter rope to get the engine started when the carburetor is clogged.

With an electric line trimmer, you won’t have to worry with mixing gas with 2-cycle oil. You also won’t need to change the spark plug, clean the air filter or rebuild the carburetor to keep an electric weedeater running smoothly. Just plug it in and charge the battery.

Whether you choose a corded or battery-operated line trimmer, an electric weed eater is often the way to go nowadays for many homeowners.

2. Leaf blower

Owning an electric leaf blower affords you many of the same advantages that you get with an electric line trimmer.

  • No more engine maintenance.

  • You’ll no longer need to mix fuel and 2-cycle oil.

  • Easier starting—just flip the switch on.

  • No worries about the blower running smoothly.

In the past, some cordless electric leaf blowers weren’t very powerful. Modern electric leaf blowers use more powerful motors that drive more efficient fans so they perform just as well as gas models for blowing grass and leaves.

When you’re ready to switch your leaf blower and line trimmer over to electric models at the same time, you can often find a cordless blower and weedeater set that uses the same type of battery.

3. Lawn mower

In years past, battery-powered lawn mowers were severely limited in range. You could hardly mow a quarter-acre of lawn without using up the battery charge. You won’t face that problem with most 2023 walk-behind cordless lawn mowers. The 40-volt batteries in this year’s models can power the machine long enough to mow an acre or more of lawn.

Of course, you’ll say goodbye to gas engine maintenance and care when you ditch your gas lawn mower for an electric model. You also won’t need to buy and store gasoline. If you use a riding lawn mower, you’ll have a much wider selection of electric riding mowers to choose from in 2023. Craftsman’s new 56-volt riding mower is already available in stores. This model is designed to mow up to 2 acres of lawn per charge.

Consider replacing your gas riding mower with an electric mower. You won’t be able to get a federal rebate for switching to an electric mower like you can for an automobile, but you will be helping the environment.

4. Chainsaw

Although some homeowners with large trees in their yard need a gas-powered chainsaw, the rest of us can often get by with an electric model. Corded electric chainsaws typically cost less than cordless and gas models. If you rarely need a chainsaw, consider getting a corded one.

When a corded chainsaw isn’t practical for your yard, you can find powerful cordless chainsaws available in 2023 from Craftsman, McCulloch, Husqvarna and more. The same battery improvements in other cordless lawn and garden equipment have also been made in cordless chainsaw batteries.

5. Edger

An edger is a must-have electric implement in many neighborhoods. You can trim grass next to the sidewalk or driveway with a line trimmer, but you can’t cut that trench in the dirt that gives your lawn the professional, manicured look.

A corded electric edger if often a practical choice for many homeowners. Corded edgers have powerful motors that can dig deep grooves next to the sidewalk and driveway. Although the cordless edgers have become more powerful recently, many models won’t cut deep trenches as well as corded edgers will.

When you’re looking for an edger, consider buying a corded electric model.

6. Pressure washer

Unless you have a large deck to clean regularly, an electric pressure washer is a great tool to have in your collection.

With a medium to large electric pressure washer, you can wash cars, clean siding and power wash porches and driveways.

Even if you have a large gas or electric pressure washer for large jobs, you may consider also getting a cordless pressure washer as well. You can use a cordless model for washing your car. This tool is most useful if you have hard water and you need to spray your vehicle down with soft water as a final rinse. With a cordless pressure washer, you can fill a 5-gallon bucket with soft water from inside your home and use the cordless pressure washer to provide a spotless rinse—likely better than the one that you can get at the carwash.

7. Pole saw

When you have large trees in your yard, you’ll definitely need a pole saw to trim limbs around your house. Keeping limbs away from your roof can help prevent squirrels and rodents from getting into your attic. To cut large limbs, a manual pole saw typically won’t do the trick. In many situations, you won't be able to position a manual pole saw cutting blade at the angle you need to easily cut high branches and limbs.

Make your tree-trimming chores much easier by getting an electric pole saw.

8. Hedge trimmer

When you have hedges around your home, nothing can shape the hedges better than an electric hedge trimmer. Sure you can still find gas-powered hedge trimmers but you’ll be facing the engine maintenance tasks discussed above in sections covering line trimmers and leaf blowers.

9. Pruner

Using an electric pruner can save wear and tear on your hands when you have lots of plants that need pruning. Get a pruner with a handle when you have trees that need regular pruning.

Although it’s toward the end of this list of must-have electric lawn & garden tools, an electric pruner is essential for some homeowners. If you don’t already have a cordless pruner, now is the time to get one. Pruning season is right around the corner.

10. Tiller

Having an electric tiller makes your gardening tasks much easier. You may have difficulty starting a gas engine tiller that sits idle for most of the year. Meanwhile, an electric tiller will start right up with no problems.

Be ready to till your garden this spring with an electric tiller. A corded model will typically have more power, but you can get a cordless model nowadays that will also be effective in many soil conditions. Electric tillers often cost much less than gas-powered tillers. Electric tillers also require much less maintenance.

Assemble your arsenal of electric lawn & garden tools so that you’re ready for spring. Having the right tools on hand will make all of you outdoor chores and projects much easier to complete.

Visit our parts and accessories pages to get supplies that you need for you lawn & garden tools.

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