Official US Stove parts

US Stove offers a number of heaters that sometimes require an update to their parts to be effective. A space heater might stop working at its normal efficiency or stop providing heat entirely. Grates or latches can eventually wear out and need replacement.

Common parts of US Stove heaters

Wood burning heaters:

  • Flue collar gasket
  • Friction plate
  • Thermostat knob
  • Thermostat damper chain
  • Damper flap
  • Draft control

Coal burning heaters:

  • Fire box liner
  • Door latch
  • Fuel grate
  • Ash pan

Maintaining your US Stove heater


  • Check to make sure that the heater is not full of ash. First, make sure that the heater is cooled down, and then use the cleaning tool to scrape out ash from the heater.
  • Make sure that the flue is clean and free of soot and ash. This should typically be done every two to three weeks. If the cleaning is not done properly or often enough, it can result in a fire.
  • If the main glass door of the heater breaks, carefully clean up the glass while wearing heavy-duty gloves. Make sure that the door frame is free of glass. Order a new door that you can easily install.