Official Hitachi parts

Hitachi can be routinely serviced to increase their life span, and individual pieces can easily be replaced if they become faulty or break. Repairing specific parts can save a lot of money compared to buying a whole new replacement unit.

Hitachi manufactures a wide variety of hand-held construction and landscaping equipment that can be used in a residential or light commercial environment. Some of their most popular tools include:

  • Air compressors such as the EC12
  • Chainsaws such as the CS33ET and CS40EA
  • Leaf blowers such as the RB25EAP
  • Line trimmers such as the CG22EAP2 and CG24EKSL
  • Power saws including the C10FSBP4 and C10FCH2

Hitachi parts explained

  1. Carburetor—Gas-powered equipment will have a carburetor that creates a combustible gas from a precise ratio of compressed fuel and air. If the carburetor is leaking or has seized up, the equipment may run rough or not at all. In this case, the carburetor may need to be replaced.
  2. Air compressor pressure switch—This switch regulates the air pressure inside the tank and activates the compressor pump when the pressure level gets too low. If the air compressor is plugged in but won't recharge the pressure level, the pressure switch may be faulty and may need to be replaced.
  3. Fan blade—The fan blade found on leaf blowers is what generates the high air velocity. If the fan blade becomes loose or damaged, it may sound louder than normal or cause the leaf blower to vibrate. In this case, consider replacing the fan blade.
  4. Fuel line—Over time, the plastic fuel lines may become brittle and crack or break. If this happens, air may find its way into the carburetor. Consider replacing the fuel line if you notice any worn areas in order to prevent further damage to the carburetor.
  5. Dust bag—The dust bag on a miter saw collects the sawdust from the cut wood so that it doesn't fill the air. If there is a hole in the bag or it doesn't connect securely to the saw, it may need to be replaced.