Official Magic Chef parts

Magic Chef is known for offering a variety of appliances to help you out around the house. Whether it's a freezer, refrigerator, dryer, dishwasher or range, you can become reliant on these products. That's why it's so frustrating when your appliance suddenly malfunctions. It may ease your mind to know that some of these appliances can usually be fixed with a simple replacement part.

Common Magic Chef appliance issues

  • Range won’t heat—A range that won’t heat is generally caused by a broken thermostat or thermal switch. You can try resetting the components, but if you notice any serious damage, you'll want to replace them.
  • Fridge is dripping water on the floor—Water shouldn't be leaking from the back of your refrigerator. Should you notice this, you likely have a faulty water inlet valve. The valve will need to be replaced to stop the dripping fluid.
  • Ice maker won't work—If an ice maker isn't producing ice, it could be due to a few problems. First, check that the ice maker itself isn't clogged or broken. You'll need to buy a new assembly should you find any damage. Next, inspect the water filter to ensure it's not clogged. If it is, swap it out accordingly. Lastly, look for a kink in the water line. Any tubing will need to be replaced to remedy the situation.
  • Freezer is accumulating frost—Freezers naturally produce a certain amount of frost, but if it becomes excessive, you may have a problem with your door seal. Inspect the seal for cracks or damage, and then replace it if necessary.
  • Freezer is warm—When a freezer is too warm, it may be overridden with ice. You can fix this problem manually by unplugging the unit and allowing it to defrost. Once the freezer has finished, try running it again to test the temperature.

Top five dishwasher components

  1. Thermal fuse—If you find that your control panel isn't working, your thermal fuse is probably blown. You’ll need to replace the blown fuse.
  2. Drain pump—If the drain pump runs but doesn’t pump water out of the dishwasher, you’ll need to replace the drain pump.
  3. Door seal—Leaks from the dishwasher indicate that the door seal is probably worn. Inspect the outer lining for any tears, and then replace the seal if necessary.
  4. Door latch assembly—A door that doesn't click shut is evidence of a broken door latch. The assembly will need to be replaced to fix the door.
  5. Detergent dispenser—The dispenser cover is released by a timer or control board to dispense detergent during the cycle. When the dispenser doesn't open, it's likely broken, and the component will need to be replaced.

Locating Magic Chef replacement parts

At Sears PartsDirect, we have manufacturer-approved parts to fit your Magic Chef appliance. Put your faith in Sears PartsDirect, and your appliance will be back in working order in no time at all.