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Epson designs and manufactures quality-made products to help with any office task. These products include computers, fax machines, copiers, printers and other machines that all rely on the synchronized operation of hundreds of small parts and components to function correctly. Damage to a mechanical arm on a paper tray, cracked glass on a copier, a burnt-out transistor on a motherboard or a cracked ink cartridge are just some of the hiccups that can occur with your office equipment.

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Some common problems that occur with office equipment

Here are a few other common issues that might pop up.

  • Computer problems come in two varieties: hardware and software. A common hardware issue for any computer is a malfunctioning cooling fan. If the fan gets damaged from debris inside your computer or experiences an electrical failure, then your CPU will tend to overheat when under strain. Clear out the debris in the fan or install a new fan.
  • From a software perspective, a big problem with computers is running too slow. The biggest culprits here are fragmented disc drives, viruses and corrupted system files. You may need to run a virus scan if you think your PC is infected.
  • Fax machines have little plastic gear-driven rollers that can break or crack when used heavily. Replace the rollers if they're broken.
  • Copiers have glass plates. If this plate gets cracked or smudged, then the laser underneath will not get a clear reading. Fix the glass or get a new plate if this occurs.
  • Printers have gears in them, like the rollers of fax machines, that can break. There is also a belt that moves the ink cartridges. This belt can snap as well as suffer from software failure. Replace the gears or belt.

Figuring out why your printer won't perform properly

If your printer does nothing when you press the print button, check the printer for any error messages pointing you in the right direction. Also, check the print queue on your computer for any error messages indicating a software or driver problem. In the absence of those indicators, start by checking the USB, Ethernet or wireless connection between the printer and computer. If both devices are connected, see if there is a driver update available online. If not, run a diagnostic on the computer and test the electronic components of the printer with a multimeter for connectivity.

Sears PartsDirect has the parts to fix your Epson equipment

Finding out what is wrong with your Epson equipment is one thing, but fixing it is another. Luckily, Sears PartsDirect has many of the repair parts for your Epson printer, fax machine or computer.