Water Softener: No display

Lack of electrical power, a failed power transformer or a faulty timer can prevent the water softener display from lighting up.

Check the electrical outlet by unplugging the water softener and plugging a small lamp or appliance into the outlet to check for power. Reset the house circuit breaker for the outlet if the outlet is dead.

If the electrical outlet is okay, check the transformer wiring connections to the timer (with the transformer unplugged from the electrical outlet). Reconnect any loose wires. If the transformer wiring connections are okay, check the transformer’s wires for damage and replace the transformer if you find wiring damage.

If the electrical outlet and transformer are both okay, then you’ll likely need to replace the water softener timer because it’s not lighting up the display.

These repairs may help solve your Water Softener problem:

Replace the water softener timer


The timer is an electronic control board that lets you program the water softener. The timer also controls the functions such as water softening and flushing the resin filter. Replace the timer if it fails to control the water softener’s functions.

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.

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