Wall Oven Common Questions

These common questions about wall ovens are the ones our experts hear the most often from our customers. You might also find the help you need by checking the common symptoms and solutions for wall ovens. When you’re ready to make a repair, searspartsdirect.com has the part you need, no matter where you bought your wall oven.

Why does my electric oven take so long to preheat?

Electric ovens with a hidden bake element normally take more than 20 minutes to preheat. The broil element is often used in the preheat mode. See if the broil element heats properly in the broil mode. If it doesn’t, the broil element may need to be replaced.

Why won’t the burner light in my gas oven even though the igniter works?

The safety gas valve for the burner won’t open until the igniter is hot enough to ignite the gas. The igniter can glow but still not get hot enough to ignite the gas. Replace the igniter if it's not getting hot enough.

Why won’t my electric oven heat after running the self-clean cycle?

Many ovens have a high-limit safety thermostat at the back of the oven interior. During the self-clean cycle, the high-limit safety thermostat can trip because of the high temperature.

To reset the high-limit safety thermostat, shut off electrical power to the oven and carefully pull the high-limit safety thermostat out of the cabinet. Remove the outer back panel and press the red reset button. Reinstall the panel, turn on the power and test the oven.

If the high-limit safety thermostat continues to trip in normal bake or broil modes, replace it.

Why does the cooling fan keep running after the oven shuts off?

A sensor or thermostat keeps the cooling fan running until the temperature near the controls is cool enough to be safe for the electronics.

If the fan doesn't shut off for hours after you use the oven, the controls might have failed or a sensor could be defective. Contact a technician to make the diagnosis and repair.

Will the oven work when the power goes out?

Older ovens with a standing pilot light that ignites the oven burner will work during a power outage. Newer gas ovens that use a glow bar igniter and safety valve ignition system won't work if the power goes out because they use electricity; neither will ovens that use a direct spark ignition system.

Why does the convection fan run in the regular bake mode on my Kenmore wall oven?

On Kenmore wall oven models beginning with 790.4835, the convection fan pulses on and off in the regular bake mode to evenly distribute heat inside the oven. Use the non-convection bake time recommended for items that you cook in the regular bake mode even though the convection fan runs intermittently.