Vacuum Common Questions

These common questions about vacuums are the ones our experts hear the most often from our customers. You might also find the help you need by checking the common symptoms and solutions for vacuums. When you’re ready to make a repair, has the part you need, no matter where you bought your vacuum.

How do I remove the vacuum cleaner hose from the swivel connection?

The swivel connection usually has tabs inside the housing. The tabs hold a collar in place over the hose connection. To remove the vacuum hose from the swivel connection, place the end of the swivel in a vice to hold it steady and twist the collar to release the tabs. Remove the collar. Disconnect the hose wires and pull the hose off of the swivel.


Why won’t the beater bar on my upright vacuum cleaner work?

Hair and debris can build up inside the end caps and bearings on the sides of the beater bar, making it harder for the bar to spin. As a result, the motor that turns the beater bar overheats and shuts off when the thermal overload on the motor trips. 

If the beater bar on your vacuum won’t turn, unplug the vacuum cleaner and remove the beater bar. Clean the hair and debris from the end caps and bearings of the beater bar. Reassemble the vacuum cleaner and reset the motor for the beater bar by pressing the reset button.


How do I find individual component parts for the Powermate floor brush on my Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner?

The Powermate parts are usually listed under a separate model number than the canister unit. The model number for the Powermate is the same as the canister unit except for the fourth number in the model number. The fourth digit’s usually be 5 instead of 2. For example, the Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner model 116.24212400 uses Powermate model 116.54212400. 


Should I buy an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum cleaner?

Choose the vacuum cleaner that best fits your needs based on your intended uses.

The upright vacuum cleaner is usually better if you have high pile carpet or if most rooms in your home are carpeted. 

The canister vacuum is more versatile. It’s usually easier to use on upholstery and stairs. The canister vacuum floor tool is typically light and easy to maneuver.


How do I clear a clogged vacuum cleaner hose?

One of the best ways to clear a clogged vacuum cleaner hose is with water. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the vacuum cleaner, take the hose outdoors and stretch it out straight. Insert a garden hose in one end of the vacuum hose and turn on the water. The water forces the clog out of the hose. 

Let the hose dry completely before reinstalling it on the vacuum cleaner.


Why does the brush belt keep wearing out so quickly on my vacuum cleaner?

The brush belt can wear out quickly if hair and debris have collected in the end caps and bearings on the sides of the brush roller. The hair and debris prevent the brush roller from rotating smoothly; as a result, the belt overheats and wears out quickly when it rotates.  

Clean the end caps and bearings of the brush roller to prevent premature failure of the brush roller belt.