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If your vacuum is leaving you in the dirt, don't just sweep the problem under the rug. With vacuum cleaner repair help such as troubleshooting tips and solutions for common symptoms, Sears PartsDirect can help you diagnose the problem and then fix it yourself. You can also clean up with model-specific recommendations, owners manuals, repair parts and more.

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How to Replace a Vacuum Power Head Ribbed Drive Belt

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Some canister vacuums have a ribbed drive belt that spins the brush roll on a power brush attachment. If the brush roll slips, you can replace it using these instructions.

How to Replace a Vacuum Power Head Cogged Drive Belt

Cogged drive belt_0020_020_5285

If the power brush isn't working well because the cogged drive belt is slipping, take a few minutes to replace the belt. These instructions show how.

How to Replace a Vacuum Suction Motor

Suction motor_0020_116_8175220

The suction motor on a vacuum creates the draw of air at the cleaning head that picks up dirt. If the vacuum won't run, give it a new life by replacing the suction motor. These steps explain how.

How to Replace a Vacuum Beater Bar

Ribbed brush roll_0020_116_8192391

Replace the brush roll if the bristles ares worn or the cylinder is damaged.