Treadmill Common Parts Glossary


The treadmill console controls all the functions of the treadmill. The console features a digital display for showing workout information and settings to the user.


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Drive motor

The treadmill drive motor rotates the drive belt, which spins the front belt roller to move the walking belt.

Front roller

The treadmill front roller connects to the drive belt and rotates the walking belt as the drive motor rotates the drive belt.

Incline motor

The treadmill incline motor raises and lowers the front of the treadmill walking board to the desired height.

Motor controller

The treadmill motor controller regulates the speed of the drive motor to move the walking belt at the desired pace.

Rear roller

The treadmill rear roller applies tension to the walking belt and keeps the walking belt aligned. Adjust the walking belt tension and alignment by rotating the adjustment screws.

Reed switch

The treadmill reed switch detects the walking belt speed and sends speed signals to the console and controller.

Walking belt

The treadmill walking belt rotates around the front and rear rollers and provides a moving surface to walk on.

Walking board

The treadmill walking board supports the walking belt and minimizes friction as the walking belt slides across the top of the walking board.