Trash Compactor: Ram won’t go down

A faulty drawer tilt switch will prevent the ram from going down more than an inch or two. If the motor starts and the ram moves down slightly then reverses and move back to its top position and the drawer is fully closed, check for continuity through the drawer tilt switch. The drawer tilt switch should only reverse the drawer if it detects that the drawer popped open during trash compaction. Using a multimeter, check for continuity through the drawer tilt switch with its plunger pushed in. If the meter measures continuity, replace the drawer tilt switch because it’s reversing the ram even though the drawer is fully shut.

These repairs may help solve your Trash Compactor problem:

Replace the trash compactor drawer tilt switch

Compactor drawer tilt switch

The drawer tilt switch stops the compactor drive motor if the drawer tilts open. If the drawer is forced open 1/4 inch or more when the ram compacts the trash in the drawer, the tilt switch stops the motor. If the tilt switch fails to stop the motor and the ram gets jammed in the drawer, replace the drawer tilt switch.

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