DIY Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing machines can come in handy to hem that pair of pants you just bought or replace a zipper. If you're sewing machine isn't acting like you expect it to—maybe the thread keeps breaking in the bobbin, the machine skips stitches, or won't run at all—Sears PartsDirect has the troubleshooting guidance you need to get your machine humming again.

Click on your machine’s symptom below to see what can cause the problem. Look up electronic sewing machine error codes on our error code charts and follow the troubleshooting steps to clear the code and get back to sewing. For help replacing sewing machine parts, follow the step-by-step instructions in our DIY repair guides.

Tips on our articles and videos can help you avoid sewing problems or troubleshoot common sewing machine failures. If you need additional help, find the owner’s manual for your sewing machine model.