How to Replace the Tines on a Front-Tine Tiller


tiller single tine 742-0305A-0637

This DIY repair guide explains how to replace the tines on a front-tine tiller. Dull or bent tines don’t do a good job of slicing into the soil, and they cultivate unevenly. If the tines are bent or dull, replace them with the manufacturer-approved replacement part.

Follow these steps to replace the tines on Craftsman, MTD, Poulan and Husqvarna front-tine tillers.

Repair difficulty:
Time required:

Less than 15 min.

Parts Required

  • Replacement tines

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.

Tools Required

  • Pliers
  • General-purpose grease
  • Work gloves

Before you begin

Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


 Warning: Undertaking repairs to appliances can be hazardous. Use the proper tools and safety equipment noted in the guide and follow all instructions. Do not proceed until you are confident that you understand all of the steps and are capable of completing the repair. Some repairs should only be performed by a qualified technician.

Step 1: Disconnect the spark plug wire

Pull the spark plug wire straight up and off the plug.

Step 2: Remove the clevis pins

Remove the cotter pins from the clevis pins and slide the clevis pins out.

Step 3: Remove the tines

Slide the tines to the outside and off the tine shaft.

Step 4: Clean and lubricate tine shaft

Use sandpaper to remove rust and deposits from the tine shaft. Wipe the shaft with a cloth to remove sandpaper residue.

Apply a thin coat of general purpose grease to the tine shaft.

Step 5: Install the new tines

Slide the new tine assemblies onto tine shaft.

Line up the mounting holes in the tines with the holes in the tine shaft.

Reinstall the clevis pins and secure the clevis pins  with the cotter pins.


Step 6: Reconnect the spark plug

Reconnect the spark plug wire to the spark plug.