How to Replace a Snowblower Friction Disc


PD_0071_247_684-04153 snowblower friction wheel

This step-by-step repair guide shows how to replace the friction disc on a snowblower. The friction disc helps propel the snowblower forward. When the friction disc is in contact with the spinning drive wheel, the friction disc rotates and turns the axle. If the friction disc is worn or damaged, the snowblower moves slowly or erratically. Replace a worn out or broken snowblower friction disc with a manufacturer-approved replacement part.

This repair procedure works for Craftsman, MTD, Troybilt, Noma, Murray, Ariens, Husqvarna and Snapper snowblowers.

Repair difficulty:
Time required:

Less than 30 min.

Parts Required

  • Friction disc

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.

Tools required

  • 13/16" open-end or adjustable wrench
  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Hammer
  • Anti-seize compound

Before you begin

Siphon out the gas or run the snow blower until the tank is empty.  Allow the engine to cool.


 Warning: Undertaking repairs to appliances can be hazardous. Use the proper tools and safety equipment noted in the guide and follow all instructions. Do not proceed until you are confident that you understand all of the steps and are capable of completing the repair. Some repairs should only be performed by a qualified technician.

Step 1: Disconnect the spark plug wire

Pull the spark plug wire straight up and off the plug.

Step 2: Remove the frame cover

Tip the snow blower forward so it rests on the auger housing. Remove screws that secure the frame panel located between the wheels. Detach the panel to access the drive system components.

Step 3: Remove both wheels

Remove the bolts that secure each wheel to the axle. Pull off both wheels.

Step 4: Remove the hex shaft mounting nut

Hold the hex shaft stationary with a 13/16" open-end or adjustable wrench. Remove the mounting nut using a ratchet and 1/2" socket or wrench.

Step 5: Remove the friction disc

Lightly tap the left end of the hex shaft to push the bearing out of the right side of the frame. Remove the bearing. Carefully pull the hex shaft down and to the left. Pull the friction disc off the shaft.

Step 6: Clean the shaft

Remove any rust from the shaft and clean it thoroughly. Apply anti-seize compound to the shaft. 

Step 7: Install the new friction disc

Slide the new friction disc onto the hex shaft. Position the friction disc properly and push the hex shaft back into the bearing on the right side of the frame. Reinstall the hex nut and tighten.

Step 8: Reinstall the wheels

Push the wheels onto the axle. Reinstall the washer and mounting nut on each wheel. Tighten the mounting nuts securely on the axle.

Step 9: Reinstall the frame panel

Position the frame panel and line up the mounting holes. Insert the mounting screws and tighten firmly. Pivot the snow blower upright so it rests on its tires.

Step 10: Test the snow blower

Reconnect the spark plug wire. Fill the tank with gas and test the snow blower.