How to Replace a Range Solid Surface Element



This step-by-step DIY repair guide explains how to replace a solid surface element on a range. A sold surface element is a solid metal disc that's mounted on the cooktop surface of the range. Ribbon heating coils under the solid metal disc transmit heat to the surface of the disc and then to the cookware. Replace the sold surface element using a manufacturer-approved replacement part if it's physically damaged or if it's not heating even though it's receiving the right voltage through the surface element switch.

Use this basic procedure to replace a solid surface element in Kenmore, GE and Whirlpool ranges.

Repair difficulty:
Time required:

Less than 30 min.

Parts Required

  • Solid surface disc element

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.

Tools Required

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 1/4" nut driver
  • Work gloves
  • Sturdy prop such as a heavy stick or piece of wood

Before you begin

Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


 Warning: Undertaking repairs to appliances can be hazardous. Use the proper tools and safety equipment noted in the guide and follow all instructions. Do not proceed until you are confident that you understand all of the steps and are capable of completing the repair. Some repairs should only be performed by a qualified technician.

Step 1: Turn off power to the range

Unplug the range or shut off the circuit breaker for the range.

 Tip: If you pull out the range to unplug it, set cardboard on the floor in front of the range to prevent scratching the flooring.

Step 2: Open the cooktop

Open the oven door completely to access the screws under the front lip of the cooktop. Remove the screws and set them aside. Remove any side trim pieces, if necessary.

Carefully lift the front edge of the cooktop and prop it open. Place the prop where it's steady so the cooktop won't fall. 

Step 3: Disconnect the wires

Take a digital picture of the wires attached to the solid surface element or tag them with labeled masking tape so you can connect them correctly to the new element.  Carefully remove the wires from the element.

Step 4: Remove the solid surface element

Remove the screws that secure the mounting bracket to the sides of the solid surface  element.  Pull the mounting bracket off the disc heating element and set it aside.

Pull the surface element up and out of the top of the cooktop.

Step 5: Install the new solid surface element

Lower the new disc heating element into place in the cooktop. Properly position the mounting bracket on the solid surface heating element and secure it with the mounting screws. Firmly tighten the screws.

Step 6: Connect the wires to the new element

Using the digital image or marked tape as a guide, carefully connect the wires to the new element.

Step 7: Reattach the cooktop

Carefully remove the prop that's supporting the cooktop and lower the cooktop into place.  Replace the mounting screws in the front lip of the cooktop and in any trim you removed.

Step 8: Restore power to the range

Plug the range back into the electrical wall outlet or turn on the circuit breaker. If you pulled out the range to unplug it, push the range into position and ensure that the rear leveling foot is properly engaged in the anti-tip bracket.