How to Replace a Dishwasher Door Seal



This dishwasher repair guide explains how to replace the dishwasher door seal—also called a tub gasket—if water leaks through the dishwasher door. Also replace the door seal if it becomes brittle or is no longer pliable, or if you see cracks or tears in the seal. Make sure to use the manufacturer-approved replacement part when replacing the dishwasher tub gasket.

This repair guide and video shows how replace the door seal in Kenmore, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, JennAir, Maytag and Amana dishwashers. You also can use the same basic procedure to replace the door seal in some GE, Frigidaire, Electrolux, LG and Samsung dishwashers.

Repair difficulty:
Time required:

Less than 30 min.

Parts Required

  • Door seal

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.

Tools Required

  • Mild dishwasher detergent
  • Cotton swabs
  • Blow dryer
  • Work gloves

Before you begin

Wear work gloves to protect your hands.


 Warning: Undertaking repairs to appliances can be hazardous. Be sure to use the proper tools and safety equipment notes in the guide and follow all instructions. Do not proceed until you are confident that you understand all of the steps and are capable of completing the repair. Some repairs should only be performed by a qualified technician.

How to Replace a Dishwasher Door Seal

Step 1: Remove the door seal

Open the door and pull the door seal out of the channel on the edge of the door.

As you remove the door seal, note which side of the door seal faces the outside of the channel.

Remove the old door seal. 

Step 2: Clean the channel that holds the seal

Thoroughly clean the channel with a mild dishwashing detergent and a cotton swab, because dirt in the channel can keep the new seal from seating and sealing properly.

Let the channel dry completely.

Step 3: Warm the seal to remove creases

You'll typically find the new door seal creased when you remove it from its package. Warm the gasket with a heat gun or blow dryer on the low heat setting and smooth out any creases or folds.

 Warning: Don't use a high heat setting on the heat gun or hair dryer; high heat could damage the seal and burn you.

Step 4: Install the new door seal

Fold the seal in half to find its midpoint.

With the correct side of the seal facing out, press the seal's midpoint into the center point of the channel on the top of the dishwasher.

Press the seal into the channel across the rest of the top and evenly down both sides of the door, without stretching the gasket. Press the seal as far into the channel as possible without stretching the seal. An inch or two of seal extend beyond the bottom of the channel on each side to help seal the bottom of the door opening.

Shut the dishwasher door to firmly push the gasket into the channel. Open the door and check the alignment and seating of the gasket. If necessary, remove and reinstall the gasket to ensure a good fit and seal.

Leave the door shut for several hours to permanently set the gasket and help it seal properly.

 Tip: It's normal for the dishwasher door to be a little more difficult to close and latch for several days after you install the new door seal.

 Tip: It's normal for the dishwasher door to be a little more difficult to close and latch for several days after you install the new door seal.