DIY Gas and Electric Range Repair

Your range is there for you whether cooking a big, homemade meal, throwing a pizza in the oven or warming up a can of soup. So when it's not working as expected—maybe the oven's not baking properly or a surface burner or element isn't working—Sears PartsDirect has the error code charts, repair guides and troubleshooting videos you need to fix the range yourself.

Our electric oven troubleshooting video can help diagnose problems if the oven on your electric range won’t heat. Or, if you have a gas range, check out our gas oven troubleshooting video.

If your oven door won’t unlock after running the self-clean cycle, try the troubleshooting tips in our Oven Door Won’t Open video. And, check out our videos showing the best ways to clean a glass cooktop on an electric range or the grates and burner heads on a gas range.