"grid, Broile" 304451CG

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Part #304451CG

Replaced by #4396923
Manufacturer substitution
This part replaces 304451CG. Substitute parts can look different from the original.
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Part Information

This broil pan (part number 4396923) is for ranges.

Broil pan 4396923 catches drippings from broiling foods.

Allow the range to cool before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Range Broil Pan 4396923 replaces earlier part numbers 12500100, 304451E, 31793602CG, 3179797, 3413F010-15, 3413F017-23, 4157046, 4167491, 420101GM, 420104GM, 4378383, 550815, 551188, 560373, 560374, 560901, 70001090, 70002176, 73001013, 790044, 790408, 8189635, 866219, 87723-3, 88722CG, 98682, 9G06700415, 9G06700453, 9G06700459, 9G06700460, CG981879, D8583501, R0156548, R0199201, R0199202, R0199251, R0199252, R0703070, R0703071, R0710110, R0760009, R0760018, R0762095, W10126605, Y0040589, Y0040592, Y0040612, Y0040618, Y0040621, Y0040622, Y0040623, Y0040625, Y0040626, Y0042172, Y0042173, Y0042701, Y0042709, Y0045102, Y0045107, Y0047948, Y0047949, Y0047952, Y0047954, Y0087712, Y0087722, Y0087940, Y0088301, Y0088302, Y0088555, Y0088688, Y0088689, Y0088771, Y0089096, Y0089119, Y0089120, Y0089653, Y0090001, Y0091434, Y0098682, Y0507212, Y0507230, Y0507253, Y0507254, Y06473900E, Y06474000E, Y0663202, Y0663209, Y0663214, Y0663215, Y0663216, Y0663217, Y0I01500199, Y551321, Y708811, Y770905, Y770925, Y770926.