Pressure Washer: Sprays too hard

A failed unloader valve can cause high pressure at the nozzle. The unloader valve recirculates water to the pump inlet when the pump is running but the spray wand isn’t in use. If the unloader valve sticks shut, outlet water pressure builds up until you trigger the spray wand or the pressure relief valve trips to release excess pressure. Replace the unloader valve if excessive pressure builds when the spray wand isn’t in use.

Some pressure washers have a pressure regulator that limits the water pressure. A defective pressure regulator can cause high pressure at the nozzle. Replace the pressure regulator if it doesn’t regulate outlet water pressure properly.

These repairs may help solve your Pressure Washer problem:

Replace the pressure washer unloader valve

Unloader valve

The unloader valve reduces water pressure within the pressure washer pump when the pump runs but the spray wand isn't used, by recirculating water to the pump inlet. If the valve sticks in the closed position, the thermal relief valve frequently discharges hot water onto the ground because the unloader valve can't open to allow recirculation. If the pressure washer doesn't develop adequate outlet pressure, the unloader valve could be stuck open. Replace the unloader valve if it sticks in either the closed or open position.

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