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Repair of vintage GE P7 Automatic Oven Cleaning J MP26 002FA

GE P7 Automatic Oven Cleaning. Model: J MP26 002FA. Serial: VD438110G. My father-in-law (who is 89 years old) has a vintage GE 27" drop-in electric range, and the oven recently has stopped working. The burners still work fine. He paid for a Sears repair person to come, but the repairman just looked at it (he did not look at anything inside the panel or behind the range) and said that "parts are no longer available, there is nothing I can do", and charged him $80.25. As you know, there is only one 27" drop-in oven available, and it is very expensive ($1,399.99). At his age, he doesn't want to make that investment nor remodel his kitchen to allow for a larger unit. We have some handy family members who are willing to try to repair it, but to help them, are there any trouble-shooting guides or wiring diagrams available? I did look at the diagrams with parts exploded on your web site, but none of the model numbers match exactly. Do you know which one to use or else which one would be closest? Thank you for taking the time to consider this. If Dad was a younger man, I would talk him into remodeling his kitchen, but that is not currently an option. Getting old is not for sissies!!!

Posted January 24, 2013


Lyle W , January 25, 2013

I found some information on a similar model in our microfiche archive. I posted the access information in the first image. The second image shows some wiring diagrams that may help you with that oven problem. The oven thermostat does not appear to be available. The oven selector switch (part WB22X5083) has limited available from some parts sources. If you can determine the cause of your problem using the information below and need a part, reply back to this thread and we will try to help you find it. If you need help diagnosing the problem, let us know. We will help you as much as possible.

Lyle W , January 25, 2013

Here are the images.

Lyle W , January 27, 2013

Hello Karen. I apologize for the problems that you are having with those images. You are correct about posting your email on a public forum. I will email the images to the email that is associated with your Manage My Life.com account (which is not visible or accessible online). Let me know if you need more help once you get the images. Thanks.


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