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Wood Stove Parts

Wood stoves are a great alternative to a furnace to heat your living room or as a stove to heat up a tea kettle, but the many parts that they have can malfunction, rendering them either inoperable or dangerous.

The chimney for a wood stove is a very important part as it provides a pathway for the noxious smoke to escape the house. If the piping leading out of the house is clogged with soot or otherwise compromised, then a dangerous situation can develop in which the smoke will drift back into the house. In addition to the chimney, all the other major parts of the wood stove, including the door hinges, flue and trap, are liable to stop functioning if soot and grime are allowed to build up.

Five common wood stove parts that need repairs

  1. Handles—A handle is one of those parts that can be broken off or bent pretty easily if you're not careful. The doors on wood stoves are heavy, and grime or tar buildup can cause them to stick. Sticky doors require much more torque to pry open, and that force is primarily exuded on the handles.
  2. Stove grate—The stove grate lies in the bottom of the wood stove and serves to protect the base of the wood stove from receiving fire damage over extended periods of use. Because the grate is in constant contact with the fire, it may become degraded from heat and tar.
  3. Baffle—The baffle is a heavy gauge piece of metal that's located at the top of the firebox right below the top of the stove. It directs smoke and gases toward the chimney and causes secondary combustion for a more efficient burn.
  4. Damper—The damper is a flat piece of metal that sits inside the chimney. It can be rotated, which regulates airflow and the size of the fire.
  5. Gasket kits—The gasket lines the door (and the glass window, if applicable) and is made of heat-resistant rope that's applied with a special adhesive.

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